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steve2Stephen A. Stack

Master Certified Estate Planner®
Masters of Science in Financial Services
Chartered Financial Consultant®
Retirement Income Certified Professional®

Developing retirement and estate plans that provide peace of mind.

Steve specializes in financial and estate planning design for affluent
business owners, farmers, and retirees in North Carolina. He draws on
over three decades of experience to address financial and estate
planning concerns that include:

  • Retirement Income Planning
    Even affluent Americans worry about running out of money. Utilizing
    his knowledge and experience as a Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®),
    Steve shows his clients how they can generate income streams that cannot
    be outlived.
  • Income TaxesAs a Chartered
    Financial Consultant® (ChFC®), Steve understands how to use the tax laws
    to help his clients minimize their tax obligations.
  • Social Security Planning
    – Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies, “CSSCS”, Steve can
    evaluate all the nuances in the Social Security system to enhance your
    retirement planning.
  • Economic Uncertainty
    With escalating federal debt, inflation, a weakening dollar,
    geo-political instability, unregulated derivatives, and other economic
    worries, many are wondering how to insulate themselves from increased
    volatility. With a Master’s Degree in Financial Services (MSFS), Steve
    uses his knowledge and experience to identify alternatives to
    conventional asset allocation strategies.
  • Peace of Mind
    If watching the news causes anxiety about your finances, it is time
    to focus on wealth preservation and asset protection. Steve works with
    clients to achieve the seemingly elusive objective of peace of mind.
  • Estate Planning
    Affluent seniors need financial advisors that are competent analyzing
    and suggesting sophisticated estate planning and asset protection
    strategies. Steve is a specialist and helps his clients achieve the
    desired distribution of their estates to family members, churches, and
    charities in the most efficient manner.


Stephen Stack has more than 32 years of experience providing financial guidance
to affluent clients, including those with complex situations such as
privately-held business ownership, appreciated farmland, foreign
holdings, and potential estate tax liabilities.

Financial Planning

Steve’s agricultural upbringing, extensive education, and life experiences make
him an ideal source for answers to your financial and estate questions.
He provides those answers as part of the five-step financial planning process.

In addition to his own extensive expertise, Steve opened a branch office with Consultus Financial in 2015 to obtain
access to advanced training, back-office support, and affiliation with experienced professionals from around the country.

Education & Credentials

  • Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP)
    Steve completed the three college level courses and multiple two hour exams that satisfied this designation in June of 2016. The RICP educational curricula
    is the most complete and comprehensive program available to professional
    financial advisors looking to help their clients create sustainable retirement
    income. These courses help advisors master retirement income planning, a
    key focus area not fully covered in other professional designation programs.
  • Master of Science in Financial Services® (MSFS)
    – Steve earned his MSFS from the Institute of Business and Finance in
    San Diego, California. This education provided him with the tools needed
    to analyze, plan and implement integrated financial and life strategies
    for affluent couples and individuals.
  • Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC)
    – Steve earned his ChFC designation in 1988 after passing a series of
    nine rigorous exams from The American College in Bryn Mawr,
    Pennsylvania. The ChFC is recognized as the most extensive financial
    planning credential in the industry.
  • Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®)
    – This is the world’s most respected designation of insurance
    expertise, and is a must-have designation when working with estate
    distribution planning, business succession planning, and funding estate
    tax liabilities. Steve earned his CLU from the American College in 1987
    He is licensed to offer life insurance in North Carolina, Virginia,
    South Carolina and Florida.
  • Registered Financial Consultant (RFC)
    – The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants is
    has members around the world who are dedicated to educating its members
    and serving the investing public with resources and expertise. Steve has been
    a platform speaker for this group’s annual convention for the past 2 years.
  • Master Certified Estate Planner® (MCEP®)
    – Steve earned his MCEP designation from the National Institute of
    Certified Estate Planners (NICEP) 2005. Among other issues, this
    advanced course teaches the estate planning professional on assisting
    the client through the settlement process and the ultimate transfer of
    wealth to the next generation(s). It also addresses the pitfalls and
    nuances of asset protection for those whose wealth and assets are
    exposed to higher risk. Problematic family dynamics, the use of
    sophisticated trusts, and business entities are also explored.
  • Certified Social Security Claiming Strategies® (CSSCS)
    – Steve was one of the first advisors in the country to obtain this designation
    after realizing what a vital part the Social Security benefit can play in a properly
    structured retirement plan.
  • SUNY Plattsburgh
    – Steve attended the State University of New York in Plattsburg from
    September 1969 to January 1972 focusing on Behavioral Sciences.
  • Strayer University – Steve earned a BSBA from Strayer in 1993.
  • The Corporation for Social Security Claiming Strategies – “CSSCS” – 2014


Steve has lived in Durham since 2002 and married Anne in May of 2015. He enjoys racquetball and is always looking for a good game, especially when he is on the road. He has also coached youth baseball, basketball, soccer and is an avid hockey fan.
Steve is a co-author of The Winning Way with Brian Tracey.

Contact Steve in our Durham office at 919-679-HEFS (4337)




Marc Cram
ChFC®, CSSCS, Notary

Bringing Life Experience to the Planning Process

Marc offers his clients 28 years of financial industry experience, helping people manage their resources and protect their assets. His satisfaction is in developing plans and helping people implement those plans. His areas of focus include:


  • Retirement Income Planning – Marc’s objective is help retirees establish a retirement income that cannot be outlived.
  • Tax Planning – Marc shows his clients how to minimize their tax liabilities.
  • Estate PlanningMarc helps his clients determine who gets what, and when they get it.

Marc’s fee-based financial planning clients typically have investable
assets of $1 million to $10 million.

Experience and Education

Marc thrives on learning and growing. His educational training includes:

B.A., Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Industrial Relations Certificate, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Certified Financial Planner®, (CFP®) College for Financial Planning

Chartered Financial Consultant®, (ChFC®) The American College

Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies, (CSSCS®)

He authored the Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide in 2015 available at Amazon.


Marc is married to Sandy Nelson-Cram, his wife of 12 years. They have two children. Marc is active in his church and has served in leadership roles over the years in numerous professional and Civic organizations.

Marc enjoys gardening, cooking, photography, and videography.

Contact Marc at 919-679-HEFS (4337) or



Anne Stack, CSSCS, Notary
Director of Operations

As Director of Office Operations, Anne was instrumental in the 2015 opening
of the Consultus office in Durham. Prior to Consultus, she worked for
Homeland Estate and Financial Services, where she became a licensed
agent in March, 2014.

Anne is from West Seneca, New York. She moved her drapery business of
26 years from West Seneca to Pittsboro, North Carolina in 2012. Her
experience as a business owner makes her well suited to manage branch
operations, where she works along side her husband, Steve Stack.

Anne is the mother of three, and grandmother to three, adorable little boys. She enjoys traveling the world.

Contact Anne at 919-679-HEFS (4337) or




Mark E. Patty
NOTARY PUBLIC, Certified Estate PlannerTM , Enrolled Agent

Mark is from Shelby, NC. He has been in the financial planning business for 10 years and founded his own company, Southeastern Financial Resources, LLC. He is a member of the BBB and an approved member of NEB. Mark is also an Enrolled Agent and can help with tax issues.

Email Mark:

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