Medicare Planning




5 Steps to Achieve Desired Results

We follow a financial planning process and analysis that helps us guide you to answers and solutions that move you forward. The financial advisors in our Durham office understand that you want solutions to achieve peace-of-mind by receiving comprehensive guidance in some or all of the following areas:

Step 1: We spend as much time as necessary to gather both the quantitative and qualitative details of your life and finances using our financial planning worksheet. Most times this meeting will take place in your home, where most of your important documents are located.

Step 2: We then analyze this data and develop a plan based on your goals and desires that encompasses all the pertinent areas of your life and retirement plans. This may take us several weeks to complete and often runs upwards of 100 pages.

Step 3: Your plan will be delivered to you and we will go over the recommendations and findings with you and let you take the plan home to review and come up with any questions.

Step 4: We will begin implementing your plan and help you reach your goals and achieve the peace of mind you are after.

Step 5: We will have ongoing reviews of your situation to make sure we keep your plan on target.


During a comprehensive tax, estate, and financial analysis


Tax Strategies

  • IRA distribution strategies
  • Minimizing or avoiding taxes on Social Security income
  • Avoiding (not merely postponing ) capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets
  • Roth vs. regular IRA contributions
  • Alternatives to the Roth Option
  • Stretch IRAs vs. retirement trusts
  • Transferring assets from a taxable environment to an
    environment that generates a non-taxable retirement income and may pass
    income- and estate-tax free to your heirs


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